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About Alan Gray


Alan Gray established the Scarborough Hypnotherapy Practice in 2006 and is a highly qualified and experienced therapist. He is compassionate with well developed skills in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Integrated Psychotherapy, Hypno-analysis, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Mindfulness, Inner-Child Therapy, Stress Management, Coaching and other Body-Mind Therapies.


Alan also brings a wealth of life experience to his vocation. He listens carefully to what you want to achieve, knowing you can often be the expert on yourself. His consultations are confidential, down-to-earth and non-judgmental. And the therapeutic setting is relaxed, comfortable and professional.

Although he has a long list of qualifications what matters just as much is his long eclectic life experience.


Alan has helped clients resolve an extensive range of issues including: anxiety & stress, weight control, irritable bowel syndrome, sexual issues, obsessions & compulsions, phobias & addictions: such as smoking, gambling & alcohol abuse. Many of these have their root in anxiety.


To quote just one client: “Alan is fantastic! He's helped me stop smoking and drinking -
would gladly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health & well-being!”


After completing comprehensive initial and developmental trainings at the highest level, he qualified for full accredited membership of several professional hypnotherapy and psychotherapy associations.


Alan always follows established Codes of Practice, Ethics and Standards which are a requirement of his memberships. He has also been fully checked through the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS).


You will always find him approachable, friendly yet always professional and a good listener with an engaging sense of humour. He sincerely cares about his clients to help them achieve their needs and objectives. Of course, all consultations are held in strict confidence.


Unlike many hypnotherapists, Alan has completed his own personal therapy and resolved several issues which did not respond to conventional medical treatment.


He is proud of his northern roots by the River Tyne, followed by a Yorkshire 'rebirth' to a farm in the Esk Valley when he was 14 years old.


After Whitby schooling and work experience Alan graduated from university at the age of 25 and worked variously in Scotland and Southern England as an agricultural adviser, financial consultant and college lecturer before qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist.


He has lived and enjoyed Scarborough since 1996.


Alan has been privileged to train with many experts in the field of hypnosis, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, including: Dr Paul Peace & Karen Bartle MSc (Academy of Advanced Changework), Gil Boyne PhD of ACHE California (Developer of Transformation Therapy), Steve Andreas MA (Pioneer of NLP), Cal Banyan MA of California (one of the World's top Practitioners), Dr Tim Brunson (USA), Dr Rumi Peynovska MD MSc Medical Hypnotherapy NHS London, Dr John Butler PhD MA BA BSc (Analytical Hypnotherapy), Andrew Newton (who originally taught Paul McKenna), Dr Anna Zohrabian MD PhD Medical Principal London College of Hypnosis, Robert Kelly FIAPH (Analytical Hypnotherapy, & Smoking Cessation) and Gladeana McMahon FBACP (UK Founder of Cognitive-Behavioural (CBT) Coaching).


And over the years too Alan has received specialist training in anxiety-related issues, stress management, weight loss, stopping smoking, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, confidence, self-esteem, fears & phobias and pain management.




• BSc (Hons) [University of Wales]

• MA [University of East Anglia]

• Graduate Diploma in Management Studies [University of Strathclyde]

• CertEd (FE) [University of Portsmouth]


• Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma

• Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Hypnoanalysis

• Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy

• Master Practitioner Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

• Advanced Diploma in Stress Consultancy

• Doctorate Complementary Medicine

• 5-PATH© Advanced Certification
• Advanced Neuro-Noetic Programme

• Diploma in Pure Hypno-analysis

• Advanced Practitioner Emotional Freedom Techniques

• PhD Metaphysics

• Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

• Certified Hypertension Practitioner

• Gil Boyne Master Class in Hypnotherapy

• Diploma in Past Life Regression

• Stop Smoking Hypnosis Specialist

• Educational Performance Practitioner

• Licensed Practitioner Hypno-Band Weight Loss System

• MIND Mental Charity Trained


Recent CPD:


• Anatomy and Pathophysiology

• Health Psychology

• 'Inner child' Therapy

• Mindfulness


Accreditations & Memberships


• Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council [CNHC] *

• General Hypnotherapy Register [Senior Advanced Member]

• National Council for Hypnotherapy [Accredited]

• National Council of Psychotherapists [Accredited Fellow]

• General Hypnotherapy Standards Council [Senior Advanced Practitioner]

• Chartered Member International Hypnosis Research Institute

• Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapist


Former Memberships


• Royal Society of Biology

• Chartered Management Institute


* The Department of Health (DH) have recommended that when individuals are looking for a hypnotherapist they consult a practitioner who is listed on the CNHC register.


Equally the General Medical Council (GMC) have advised doctors to, where appropriate, refer patients to practitioners who are listed on a Professional Standards Authority (PSA) Register such as the CNHC, which is the DH Register for Clinical Hypnotherapists.


Nationally Elected Member

Hypnotherapy Profession Specific Board

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

Private Waiting Room

National Council for Hypnotherapy

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Making an Appointment

We provide a Free and informal Initial Appointment (30 minutes) if requested to discuss your personal needs and establish if we can help. Please feel free to bring a friend along for company if you wish.

Please note:

If you telephone and we are with a client, you may be directed to leave a message. Please give your name and telephone number and a suitable time to call you back. Due to the confidential nature of our work, Alan personally takes all appointment bookings.


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