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ConfidenceBuilding Self-confidence


Having sufficient self-confidence is a great asset socially and professionally. When we believe in ourselves it projects an outward sign to others that we can lead and achieve.


Confidence arises from having good inner feelings. It is a general absence of doubt in our ability. This can be specific to certain situations. But it can also be more general, depending on the skills and their transferability across different situations.


Does the thought of speaking in public frighten you?


Do you feel self-conscious in a group of people?


Is a lack of self-belief spoiling your career or social life?


Have you lacked self-confidence from an early age?


If there's one thing on life which holds people back it is a lack of self-confidence


Most people who lack confidence take an over-critical and negative view of themselves.


They believe that whatever they want to do, something will go wrong. By taking this over-pessimistic view they limit their life experiences to those that are familiar.


They might avoid certain social situations. Don't meet new people, or talk to a group at work. People with low self-confidence live within their ‘comfort zones’. They protect themselves from new and potentially unpleasant or embarrassing experiences that might go wrong. Their imagination and past experiences play a big part in this view.


'Living in the box' stifles their true potential and enjoyment of life.


For example, a person might avoid:


• Drawing attention to him/herself

• Speaking to groups of people

• Using the telephone

• Applying for promotion at work, or a new job

• Learning new skills

• Asking someone they like for a date

• Starting a new project or hobby

• Meeting new people in unfamiliar circumstances

• Sitting an examination

• Visiting unfamiliar places


Limiting Beliefs


Limiting beliefs are those aspects of the self that act as psychological restrictions on abilities. They are often negative fears which you assume about yourself.


The eight most common limiting beliefs are:


• Fear of failure

• Fear that they are not good enough

• Fear of not being loved

• Fear of rejection

• Fear of success

• Rich people exploit the poor

• They don't deserve to be successful

• Other people are more intelligent, more confident and better looking


Such beliefs undermine our self-confidence and limit our potential.


Having confidence is about instilling self-beliefs


Hypnotherapy helps lift negative self-beliefs.


Know yourself


This includes what we are capable of doing or learning, what skills we have, how we communicate with others, how we feel about others, the way we respond to challenges, and, importantly, how we feel about ourselves.


Society might place values on us, such as academic achievement. Whilst this is important in gaining employment just remember that many highly successful people like Sir Richard Branson did very badly at school. Sir Richard was dyslectic and probably still is to some extent. People like him developed their talents in different directions. They started with a day-dream of success which 'programmed' the subconscious mind. We all have potential, it's just finding your own talents and developing them through thick and thin! Sometimes it just takes a little courage.


The more we expose ourselves to new and challenging situations the quicker we can build lasting confidence.


Often a person might have difficulty with that very first step: going to a night class, meeting someone new, addressing a business meeting, learning to drive, taking an examination, starting a new hobby, studying a language, making a good impression at a job interview, moving house, dating, talking to strangers...the list goes on where confidence and self-belief is a great asset.


Self-esteem associated with a good level of confidence will help us make sound decisions, meet people, trust our judgment and have a healthy, realistic and positive view of ourselves.


Confidence means being realistically aware of our abilities and standing up for what we believe in when others might disagree. Good self-esteem also help us to be more assertive and to diplomatically say what we think without upsetting other people.


If you have low self-esteem you find it difficult holding your ground and are more likely to suffer from stress, anxiety and worry. You are likely to feel self-conscious, suffer from shyness, avoid stressful social situations and prefer your own company.


You may also have difficulty accepting compliments, always compare yourself with others and tend to put yourself down. You can feel insecure, fear failure and are more likely to suffer from a number of anxiety-related conditions. Some people resort to alcohol to temporarily boost their self-esteem and confidence. As with everything, moderation is best.


Hypnosis can help overcome such self-critical negative thinking and switch off the constant over-concern about comparing yourself with others. It can build a stronger self-image and give yourself the respect and approval you deserve. After all we are all unique in our own way.

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