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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Do you suffer from any or all of the following:


• Abdominal cramp-like pain

• Bloating of the abdomen (often on the left side)

• Excessive wind

• Mucus being passed

• Alternating bowel habits

• Diarrhoea

• Constipation

• A feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation

• Nausea


Of course, you should consult your doctor
if any of these symptoms persist.


Cause and incident


The precise cause of IBS is not fully understood, but high levels of anxiety and stress tends to make the condition worse. At certain times, some one in five people suffer from these intestinal symptoms. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is more common in women than men and often begins in early or middle adulthood and can continue throughout life.


As well as physical symptoms, those with IBS frequently experience a loss of social freedom, a reduction in spontaneity, and increased embarrassment.


It is believed that IBS arises from a combination of factors including genes predisposition, diet, gut microbes (influenced by diet), pain processing, and stress & anxiety levels. Every patient will have a different combination of these factors


Our digestive system has evolved to respond to stress and anxiety. We react in so-called 'flight or fight' mode. Hyper-arousal, or acute stress response, is a physiological reaction – a response to perceived physical or psychological stress, an attack, or a threat. This helps release energy rapidly to the muscles. Chronic stress or anxiety, when this mechanism is overloaded, is undesirable.




Many conventional drug treatments such as antispasmodics, antidiarrhoeals, bulking agents, tranquillizers, sedatives are often of little benefit. Side-effects from drug treatment can add to the patients difficulties too. In some cases even surgery has been used, but this can exacerbate the problem of IBS pain.


Research over 30 years by Professor Whorwell of Manchester University Medical School has clearly supported the view that hypnotherapy can significantly benefit Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients.


When reviewing the results of more than 200 IBS patients he found over 80% enjoyed a lasting benefit from hypnotherapy for up to 5 years. These was significantly better than conventional drug-related treatments.


It was found that hypnotised patients were able to influence the speed at which their stomach empties its contents into the small intestine, as well as the rate at which the colon contracts. Whorwell concluded that in the hyper-suggestible state of hypnosis people are able to do things to their body which is not possible otherwise.


Nonetheless, the medical profession has still not fully embraced hypnotherapy. This at least is partly do to the public image of hypnosis portrayed by stage hypnotists. Also medical practitioners just don't have the time to do hypnotherapy themselves. And there remains elements of misinformation by some doctors about hypnosis itself.


Along with dietary changes, there are natural (non-medication) ways to alleviate symptoms. Research by the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration based on a meta-analysis of 147 patients indicated that hypnotherapy was superior to standard treatments.


Hypnotherapy can address the underlying causes of the condition and can often alleviate the symptoms.


Alan Gray has been trained to apply clinical hypnotherapy to IBS by medical doctors Dr Rumi Peynovska MD MSc FBAMH and Dr Anna Zohrabian MD PhD FBAMH of The London College of Clinical Hypnosis. He has also trained with Michael Mahoney who is regarded as the UK's leading hypnotherapy expert in IBS treatment. Alan has taken many clients successfully through treatment.


Our digestive system is physiologically sensitive to anxiety and stress. It naturally responses in a 'flight or fight' response.


Since IBS is closely associated with stress and anxiety, hypnotherapy has proved to be a successful treatment approach based on independent research and practice.

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