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Alan Gray is the specialist in hypnotically-aided weight loss and lose weight strategies. These give you the right mental focus to restore balance in your relationship with food. Should 'comfort eating' be the cause of weight gain then this too can be sympathetically addressed.


Our associations with food and drink can sometimes be quite complex and serve other purposes beyond that of body sustainment. In particular, some emotional and bereavement issues can create a pattern of over-eating and weight gain.


Have you tried to lose weight by dieting, gave up after a while or put the weight back on?


Do you lack the motivation to reach your target weight?


Do you find that you eat when bored, stressed, depressed, or anxious?


Has food become a way to cope with feelings of low self-esteem or difficulties in your life?


Do you feel you'll never be the healthy weight you should be?


If you answer YES to any one of the following questions then weight loss hypnosis can help you to lose weight:


• Do you eat very quickly?

• Do you always clear your plate?

• Do you eat when bored?

• Do you eat when upset?

• Do you eat when tired?

• Is eating chocolate a comfort to you?

• Do you continue to eat when full?

• Were you given sweets or chocolate as a reward when young?

• Have you tried and failed with the fashion diets?

• Did you put on more weight when you finished dieting?

• Do you enjoy lots of soft drinks?


We all know that diets don't work in the long-run.


Those people who are regarded as obese (BMI over 30) are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. You may also be more prone to varicose veins, osteoarthritis, hiatus hernia and gynaecological problems.


Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a different approach to dieting.


It is not unhealthily rapid, so on average you can expect to lose a one or two pounds a week. It's not a 'fad diet', but instils a change in your 'relationship' with food and drink. You will look forward to meals, but eat more slowly and in smaller amounts. You will be able to cut out or substantially reduce unhealthy items such as chocolate, cakes, crisps and the like. Cutting out snacks between meals. You will evaluate your eating habits and make changes.


The NHS recommend one to two pounds a week as a safe rate of weight loss. "Lose weight faster than this and you are at risk of health problems that can include malnutrition, baggy skin, and gallstones, as well as feeling tired and unwell".


With hypnotherapy you will find you become fuller more quickly and eat smaller portions. You will be able to enjoy the taste of different foods and have occasional treats, but without becoming 'addicted' to those associated with weight gain.


You will feel in control of your eating.


Of course some people have a tendency to 'comfort eat' during times of stress. They put weight on as they see it to cope with emotional issues: being unhappy, lonely, depressed, worried, anxious, suffering from low self-esteem, or just being bored.


Several well-known damaging health effects, such as diabetes and joint problems, can arise from being obese with a Body Mass Index of 30 or over.


Hypnotherapy addresses those issues.


So you reach your IDEAL WEIGHT by reprogramming your mind.


Calorie conscious eating will help achieve significant weight loss in time. It is however also important to undertake regular strenuous exercise, where possible, to speed up the metabolic rate. This will burn calories. It is easier to stick to an exercise plan if you choose an activity that you actually enjoy, such as swimming, keep fit classes or walking. For best results, exercise until you feel a little breathless! But adopt varying speeds: exercise, recover, exercise, recover.


Eat sensibly and enjoy a broad range of fresh, natural ingredients. Processed foods can contain too much salt, encouraging fluid retention. Cutting down on sugary and fatty foods is to be recommended. Better to concentrate on fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and fish. Have small regular meals and cut out snacking between meals.


Fad diets can be poor nutritionally and may cause lasting health problems. You are unlikely to persevere with a poor diet. Also starvation diets prompt the body to conserve fat. This lowers the metabolic rate and burns lean mass instead. The result is you have to eat less and less in order to achieve any weight loss at all. Far from healthy.


Eating Disorders


Should there be some compulsive element towards over or under-eating, eating unhealthy food, or drinking excessively, these pose a different challenge than simply occasional over-eating. Other causes of obesity may also be present such as depression, high anxiety, stressful events, boredom, food and drink binging. The eating disorders Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder (BED) are often associated with anxiety and low self-esteem. Generally speaking, when a person is 30% above, or below, their recommended weight there is likely to be some emotionally driven factors behind the excessive weight.


In which case, a programme of hypnotherapy will then be your best strategy. In general, three to five sessions is normal, usually over the same number of weeks. After this, you will feel more confident and self-aware and be on the road towards achieving your ideal weight.


Hypnotherapy will develop your confidence and self-awareness to work towards a fit, slim and healthy body.


To to be successful with our unique Hypnotic Weight Loss Programme our clients are required to be:


• Fully committed to the programme

• Motivated to make healthy daily choices

• Personally responsible for their new regime

• Willing to follow recommendations

• Consistent in taking a longer-term perspective

• Aware that diets don't work, but forming good habits do.

• More physically active where possible


This transforming programme takes 3 – 5 sessions depending on individual needs. It will give you a positive focus. It will instill a need for change. It will be your 'project' to micro-manage, adjust and enjoy each day. This will give real purpose and a sense of achievement.


The programme will establish the importance of weight to your health & well-being. We don't preach, we guide. Of course, the benefits of being a sensible weight are many, physically and psychologically. It will boost your confidence and self-esteem. You will be more nimble on your feet. And, of course, you will enhance your health in many ways. As you become lighter you will begin to look and feel great, even 10 years younger!


Food will be your healthy friend, but only when you engage the 'conscious control button'. This will happen automatically. Being in control of your eating will come naturally to you. We will help you appreciate why over-eating might have been a problem in the past.


Our policy is to keep the programme simple, manageable and effective. You will not be asked to go on a diet. Diets don't work, we all know that. Time and time again those people who diet (and try to lose weight too quickly) will inevitably put it on again and often more. Rather it is your future relationship with food that will matter. Old habits will be replaced with good ones.


Alan's many years of experience with weight loss clients will guide you towards your objective: Becoming the 'New You': Slimmer, Healthier and Happier. We become very much what we eat and drink in terms of our health. If we eat sweet, fatty, salty and generally unhealthy foods there will be consequences, maybe not immediately but eventually. If we drink sugary liquids, or consume lots of alcohol, there will also be an effect.


Our hypnosis programme will get you on track and change your life by changing the way you think. Eating is, and should be, a pleasurable experience. But when it is linked emotionally and we 'comfort eat' the problems can start. We will help you identify any triggers events here towards 'emotional' eating, or any other factors which are mentioned at the top of this page.


Of course, we will ask you to be completely open about you eating and drinking habits. And working together we will map out a future regime which is both practical and realistic.


If you have a weakness for certain products which are fattening, such as chocolate, burgers, chips and crisps, these preferences can be changed to fruit and vegetables. A Mediterranean style of eating is the best way to go.


You will learn to respect yourself and your body much more. After all, good health is so precious and yet we can take it for granted, until something goes wrong.


The right choices will be reinforced in the hypnotic part of the treatment. Hypnotherapy will be a pleasant and very relaxing experience. Your eating habits will be reviewed and the right changes made. Weight loss should be really easy and it will be as you fully engage with the programme. As you weight comes down, your health and self-esteem will go up and up.


Your focus will be both short and longer-term. A sustainable and healthy rate of weight lose is the key to success. At every point you will be treated with courteousy and encouraged at every turn. Each person is a unique individual and respected as such.


Whether you want to lose just a few pounds or many stones, or kilos if you prefer, the road ahead holds lots of promise. Will it be easy? Probably not, but it will be immensely worthwhile!


Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band


A further hypnotherapy weight loss programme which has gained considerable popularity in recent years is the Virtual Gastric Band. Hypnosis is also central to this approach. A mental restriction in the capacity of the stomach is installed during one of the hypnotherapy sessions. Psychologically this make it much easier to eat less. You will feel full and satisfied more quickly. The VGB has been clinically tested and achieved a success rate of 80 – 90%. Quite often the first week's weight loss can exceed 6 pounds.


This relaxing programme involves four or five hypnotherapy sessions, normally one a week.


Is now the right time to take control?


What obesity is and means: click here


overeating and binge eating!

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