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CompulsionsObsessions & Compulsions


The main features of obsessions are intrusive thoughts. Whereas compulsions involve repetitive actions. The individual feels strongly compelled to repeat their compulsive actions often as an automatic out-of-control response.


These actions serve the purpose of dissipating underlying fears and anxiety, based on adverse things happening if they don't carry out their ritual.


Do you find your self constantly checking things?


Are you obsessed with hygiene issues?


Are you hooked on gambling?


Have you other obsessive or compulsive habits which are out of control?


The main feature of compulsions are that they are repetitive actions. The person feels compelled to

repeat their actions automatically, without intervening conscious thought.


Compulsions allow an individual to cope with their anxiety. These arise spontaneously from obsessive thoughts. Examples include: excessive washing and cleaning, over-checking, emotional or comfort eating, excessive gambling, drinking alcohol to excess, repeating certain words and phrases, counting and touching objects, hoarding, ritualistic behaviours, wearing only certain colours, and many more.


With growth in the internet, one compulsive activity which is becoming much more prevalent is online gambling.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a well-known anxiety condition. It is characterized by intrusive thoughts that create feelings of anxiety, followed by repetitive behaviours aimed at reducing the anxiety. The thoughts are obsessive and the behaviours are compulsive.


Common symptoms of OCD can include: checking and counting rituals, repetitive hand-washing, extensive hoarding, having 'magical beliefs', over-concern with personal hygiene, insomnia, a fear that things are not safe, excessive preoccupation with routine, and other ritualistic beliefs and behaviours.


In the UK it is estimated that about one person in 70 (nearly one million people) has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


Help is at hand using hypnosis to overcome those unnecessary repetitive activities which can sap your energy.

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