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Pain Control


Pain is the result of stimulation of sensory nerve endings, often following injury or disease.


Of course, pain exists as a warning that disease, or an injury, is prevalent. Any unusual pain, therefore, should be referred to your General Practitioner to diagnose the cause.


Ease your pain with hypnosis


Pain can also often be associated with distress and anxiety, and sometimes with fear. People vary considerably in their pain threshold or the level of discomfort that they can endure. Also a person’s response to pain is modified by their past experience. Factors such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression will equally lower tolerance to pain.


Many descriptions are used to express the form of pain, such as throbbing, penetrating, gnawing, aching, burning and gripping.


Pain relief


The standard medical treatment of pain is with drugs, with analgesics being used for mild or moderate pain. Severe pain may require narcotic drugs, such morphine or pethidine. Chronic or recurrent pain may also be relieved by acupuncture or hypnosis.


Hypnosis and Pain


Hypnosis has been used to alleviate pain for a very long time – probably over thousands of years. More recently, there have been several televised programmes of surgery where no anaesthesia was used. The only means of blocking or reducing the pain had been hypnosis.


The patient was fully aware of the surgery, being awake throughout the operation, yet in that lovely state of focused relaxation - we call hypnosis - he experienced no discomfort. In fact, when asked what it felt like when the surgeon made an incision, he replied his only sensation was a slight tingling feeling!


Certainly, the surgeon was very impressed as the patient just walked away immediately after the operation. There were no after-effects from more conventional anaesthetics! So, hypnosis is a very powerful and effective means of dulling major pain.


For those millions of people who suffer from chronic pain, there is also no question that hypnosis can substantially ease suffering and greatly improve their quality of life. A session with Alan will include instruction in self-hypnosis which can be used to dull pain wherever you are.


A consultant surgeon’s experience of hypnosis for pain control and other conditions is here.


The common condition Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) causes abdominal pain associated with a build-up of tension and stress. The intestines are the 'barometer of the mind' and can over-respond to any emotional event. As a non-drug treatment, hypnotherapy has proved to be very effective at resolving this uncomfortable and embarrasing condition. It is the treatment of choice for the open-minded.


With all pain


• It is often a reflection of emotional feelings.

• Initially pain is a warning and if it persists should be investigated by your medical practitioner.

• Symptom relief will only be temporary until the real (emotional &/or physical) cause is identified and treated.

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