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In today's competitive environment it is essential to have both sound product knowledge and the professional sales skills to maximise business success.


Improving Business Performance


It is an indisputable fact that top sales people use forms of indirect or conversational hypnosis to command attention, build trust, create sound impressions, and engender confidence to close the sale.


These are highly persuasive people who clearly understand and use the psychology of sales. They would not call what they do 'sales hypnosis' since that - to the uninitiated - might be perceived as customer manipulation. In fact, it is human communication at it's best and gives the sales person a strong competitive advantage over his/her rivals.


Of course, skills in the art of suggestion are both verbal and non-verbal and can be learned like any skill. Much of it occurs at an unconscious level, such that the client or customer perceives the suggestions to be his very own.


None of this is new. Temples in ancient Egypt contain records of people in hypnotic trances and many priests used hypnosis on a mass scale to calm hysteria.


However, in the modern world we have developed more sophisticated techniques to enhance our commercial activity. We have learned how to build rapport quickly and seemlessly, preparing the ground for the next stage of the sales process. We have learn to be reflective of the customer, so that he sees something in us which is himself - like buying from him/herself.


Now the business community is discovering the power and utility of hypnosis to achieve increased sales and higher profits. In a period of recession this is more vital than ever! Learning conversational hypnosis can be a great skill to business and sales communicators.


Is stress a problem in the workplace?


We can work with businesses to minimise stress - individually and in groups - to improve productivity and employee well-being. Alan has varied business experience and a post-graduate business school (Strathclyde) qualification.


In the same way, our smoking cessation programme can help employees be healthier and more productive.


Work-related stress is a major cause of occupational ill-health and estimated to cost employers over £5 billion a year. The HSE give management standards and practical guidelines for employers and employees.


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We provide a Free and informal Initial Appointment (30 minutes) if requested to discuss your personal needs and establish if we can help. Please feel free to bring a friend along for company if you wish.

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If you telephone and we are with a client, you may be directed to leave a message. Please give your name and telephone number and a suitable time to call you back. Due to the confidential nature of our work, Alan personally takes all appointment bookings.


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