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Stop Smoking


Stopping smoking with Scarborough Hypnotherapy
will simply be the very best single thing you can
do for your health!


Become a Non-Smoker in just ONE hour session...

If you really want to stop smoking this could be all you need...


Have you tried giving up smoking many times
over the years and failed?


Do you feel now is the time to try something
new and get your health back?


Has your health and fitness deteriorated through smoking and are you now ready for change?


How much have you spend on cigarettes in the last year?


Are you sick of the feeling that smoking controls you?


“After trying almost everything to stop smoking (without success), I came to see Alan for a stop smoking hypnotherapy session. Not knowing what to expect, Alan put me at ease and it turned out to be a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

It's now been 10 years since I touched a cigarette, I've never looked back or missed smoking - almost like Alan turned a switch off in my head. Best thing I've done for my health EVER! Can't thank Alan enough.” Ross S Anderson, Director Radar Music Videos


You will be amazed and surprised at how quickly and easily YOU can gain control.


Hypnotherapy is the quickest and most pleasant way to become a non-smoker. We use a combination of relaxation, suggestion, visualization and positivity to strengthen your resolve to stop smoking for good.


You're probably sick of hearing all the medical reasons for stopping smoking. The fact is over 110,000 people in the UK die each year as a direct result of smoking.


But many more die indirectly and prematurely from a huge range of smoking related-diseases. Smoking alone causes 86% of lung cancers. Indeed, cigarette smoking damages every part of the body from top to bottom!


An independent study by Iowa University USA involving over 70,000 smokers concluded that hypnotherapy was the most effective means to stop smoking, much better than will-power, patches, gum, or any other method.


Why do most people find it hard to quit?


First, they believe that becoming a non-smoker will be difficult. Maybe they’ve tried to quit before.


They want to believe they can, but their imagination says they can’t!


Most people find it difficult to give up because


they receive no IMMEDIATE REWARD for being a non-smoker.


We understand why you want to smoke. You might like it and you think you need it. You’ve probably smoked for years. It’s useful in times of stress. It gives you imaginary confident. It might calm your nerves. It’s a reward for a hard day at work, a ritual, perhaps just a habit. You might not even enjoy it any longer.


In fact, all of these so called benefits are just an illusion.


Why would you want to give up a great habit?


80% of the population now don't smoke, perhaps you prefer to be one of the 20%


By stopping smoking you might: live longer, feel healthier, save a lot of money, smell much nicer, enjoy and better lifestyle with the money you save…


Of course few of these reasons bring immediate reward, they take time. You don’t suddenly feel healthier, fitter, or richer the day after you quit smoking. In fact you might feel you've given up an enjoyable habit.


Understandably, most people get stressed when they quit smoking by will-power alone. Yes, they might feel healthier a year later, but that’s a long time off and they want their reward NOW!


Occasionally some people feel an emotional need to smoke.


To them smoking is a means of 'keeping a lid on their anxieties'.


In practice, these are all ineffective strategies which have developed into a habit.


If you relate to this, the many health and other benefits of being a fit and well non-smoker need to exceed the benefits of continuing to be a smoker.


A choice is made: healthy or unhealthy, age quickly or look young longer, live or die.


This is where hypnotherapy comes into it's own.


A single session of hypnosis will turbo-charge your desire to be a non-smoker.


It will give you a great sense of pride and pleasure to be free from the health and wealth damaging effects of smoking.


You're probably not just doing this for yourself, but also for your family and other loved ones.


Where needed, the session can also include stress reduction and weight control hypnosis.


Becoming a non-smoker will work wonders for your future health and wealth.


It simply is the very best single thing you can do for your health!


And your pocket too!!


An average smoking on 20 cigarettes a day will spend over £3,500 in a year on their 'hobby'.. What other more pleasurable things could they do with that sum? Perhaps you have some ideas.


Our approach to stopping smoking uses a unique blend of hypnotic techniques. Your desire to be a non-smoker will be greatly enhanced. We will help you change your belief systems to that of a non-smoker and remove the habit of smoking for good.


How is it so effective?


Alan will help you transform into a non-smoker in just one session of 60 to 90 minutes


This approach is very different from others. It challenges your BELIEF system about the place smoking has in your life. Then using the amazing power of hypnosis you will feel positive and energized about being a non-smoking person, in becoming the 'new you'. You will leave the hypnosis session feeling calmer, more relaxed, taking a fantastic sense of pride, pleasure and achievement at finally becoming a life-long non-smoker. You will leave the session feeling completely free of your old habit. And that's all it's been: a habit.


Free to live your new life: happier, healthier and fully in control. Feeling more positive than you've ever felt before about anything!


Although no professional hypnotherapist can offer any sort of guarantee, or money back if it doesn't work, our techniques are very well proven. Of course, each client will also need to put some effort in if they really want to stop and become that much healthier and wealthier person they want to be. We can help you a great deal, but can't do it completely for you. Hypnosis can do many things, but it isn't magic.


Hypnosis is simply a tremendous facilitator of change.


All experts agree that STOPPING SMOKING is the VERY BEST THING you can do for YOUR FUTURE HEALTH.


This happens to your body when you stop smoking

• After 20 minutes - blood pressure and pulse return to normal.

• After 24 hours - carbon monoxide eliminated from body. Lungs clearing debris.

• After 48 hours - no nicotine in the body. Taste and smell greatly improved.

• After 72 hours - your breathing would become easier. Energy levels increase.

• After 3-9 months - breathing problems improve and lung function is 10% better

• After 12 months - the risk of a heart attack falls to half that of a smoker

• After 10 years - the risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a non-smoker

• AND your friends and family will not be exposed to passive smoking.

So how does hypnotherapy help?

It gives FOUR immediate benefits:


• a reward for your efforts


• pride and satisfaction at your achievement


• a boost to your will-power, and


• confidence in your ability to remain a non-smoker.


and, we’ll even include weight control if you wish.

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Making an Appointment

We provide a Free and informal Initial Appointment (30 minutes) if requested to discuss your personal needs and establish if we can help. Please feel free to bring a friend along for company if you wish.

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If you telephone and we are with a client, you may be directed to leave a message. Please give your name and telephone number and a suitable time to call you back. Due to the confidential nature of our work, Alan personally takes all appointment bookings.


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